Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing Services or SEM Services are the fastest methods to get your site on top of search pages and carry focused traffic to your site all day, every day. Within excess of a billion sites and over 3.5 billion pursuits each day on Google alone, buyers are looking for reviews, content, product, services, and so forth In this manner, it has gotten even more significant for your site to be shown on the highest point of the pursuit page to connect with prospective customers Connect with us..

To be more precise, SEM is a digital marketing technique used to improve the visibility of your website in search results. Both paid and unpaid (SEO) activities can fall under this category.Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is another name for search engine marketing (SEM), which usually includes more than just sponsored content. Here businesses have to pay each time a user clicks their website link.

Why Hire Our SEM Agency?

There are different variables that choose whether or not your organization’s paid mission will be viable. First and foremost, we ensure targeted pages are traffic-ready. It is of most extreme significance to guarantee that the site loads within 3 seconds and have a simple route bar, unmistakable pages, and a connection with the content. 

Also, Google Ads Agency think of an ideal media plan dependent on offers and the financial budget of our clients. This, when done deliberately, gives the best outcomes.

At iRebel, as a PPC company in Lucknow, we trust in offering Search engine marketing Services in blend with our SEO methodologies to achieve particular outcomes. SEM shouldn’t exclusively depend on PPC marketing (Pay per Click) however should be done along with SEO to cause the site to show up naturally on SERPs. 

We have experts in SEM or PPC who identifies all those relevant users on search engines through the targeted ads including Google Adwords and redirect them to a fully optimized page, which is engaging, and user-friendly.

So by putting additional time and effort into upgrading your site, your website becomes naturally relevant as well as improves results on PPC campaigns. 

Higher CTR, lower bid rates, and more transformations are the consequences of incredible PPC campaigns. The traffic attracted is also- more focused, more dedicated, and more envious of your services. Our PPC Agency follows a process that involves doing immense keyword analysis, studying competition and then arriving at the right campaign idea and structure. Campaign tracking is done on a regular basis, to give you a convincing edge in paid results Connect with us..

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

Search engines utilize complex calculations to guarantee the most relevant outcomes. In paid search advertising, sponsored advertisements show up at the top of search engine results to acquire permeability and conspicuousness more than the natural outcomes.

Here’s how SEM works at our Google Ads Agency:

Keyword research:

Our SEM expert will first identify relevant keywords that users might use when searching for your products or services.

Ad creation: 

Once we have identified the keywords, we create ads that target those keywords. These ads will help your website to appear at the top or bottom of the search results page.


Our PPC Agency bids on the keywords that need to be targeted, and the search engine decides which ads to display based on the relevance and quality of the ad, and the bid amount.

Ad ranking: 

Our Google Ads Agency will check the ad’s position on the search results page which is determined by the bid amount, the relevance and quality of the ad, and other factors like user behaviour, device, and location.

Ad targeting: 

We will also target specific demographics, locations, and devices while optimizing the ads.

Landing pages: 

Our SEM experts will create landing pages that are optimized for the keywords to be targeted. 

These landing pages should be relevant to the ad and offer users a clear call to action.

Tracking and analysis: 

We track the performance of your ads and landing pages using tools like Google Analytics. This helps us optimize the campaigns for better results Connect with us..

Overall, SEM combines paid advertising with optimization techniques to increase a website’s visibility and drive targeted traffic. By targeting specific keywords and demographics, you can reach potential customers who are actively searching for products or services like yours.

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